Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My "other" blog

So, I was able to take some time this morning to get my other blog up and rolling. Again, please don't feel obligated to visit. A lot of it is going to be my personal journal and journey. Thank you all for you love and support. I will keep this blog updated with our everyday life. Love ya!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Blog

This is a decision I have been thinking about for a long time. I have pondered back and forth in my head what it would look like, if I really want to manage two blogs, what would be the implications, etc. but the time has come.
A lot of times when I post about my inferility journey here, I feel like I am doing a lot of whining and complaining, when that was not my intention at all! I wonder, who would really want to read about my rants and raves? So, I have made a personal decision to start another blog strickly about my journey through infertilityland. It will be more of a personal journal for me with links to others going through the same journey. I will still keep this blog and be better about updating more regularly, with my "happy news" that goes on in our everyday lives. I am working on getting it up and ready and as soon as I do, I will post a link if you want to read.
Thank you for your love and support. I feel like this is really for me and a place I can openly share about my struggles. Thank you! I love you all dearly!!

Christmas, just a little late

Christmas was fantastic! We love being with Matt's family, and how excited we were to have so many wonderful people to share in the day with. The Celebration started on December 23 because Ben, Angela and the girls were going to surprise Angela's mom in Utah for Christmas. It was like having two Christmases!
Of course, I am human and love recieving, but the true joy in Christmas comes in watching the excitement of the little ones, so to see my two nieces open their gifts was more than I could ask for.
Hannah and her new dress Nana made with her puppy and bed that Grandpa hand-made behind.
Reagan got a purple princess dress!
My beautifiul princesses!

On Christmas Eve my Mother-in-law always has an amazing spread of food, and this year was no differant! Nannie and Grandpa, Matt and I, their family, and about 3 other families were there. 21 people in all!! Everhthing is decorated precisely and of course, everything tastes delicious! But of course, the real fun starts after dinner! Dad reads from the Bible and Book of Mormon the account of Christ's birth. Every year, something else stands out to me. Because of where I am, I really felt for and sympathized with Mary. What a strong woman, and I know she had some divine helpers for her birth! From there, we act out the Nativity. It is always quite the production! Dad is always the donkey (poor donkey....Mary can't even ride him anymore!) Matt and his brothers are always the "3 Wise Guys," but with 2 of the wise guys missing this year, improvisions had to be made. I have to say that the step-ins were pretty good. A little more serious, but they did great! With so many people, Carolyn (she always write the play) had to add some pretty crazy parts. Mom and I were the manger. Boy, did my arm get tired! :)

After the play, we "act" out the 12 days of Christmas. The funny one this year was 6 geese a laying....looked a little more like 6 constipated geese to me, but quite the little play!
Christmas morning is such a joy with 4 young ones still at home. Nannie actually let us sleep in until about 6:30. That in itself was a treat! What a morning! The rest of the day was full of love and movie watching and snacking on treats!

Molly and I baking with her Easy Bake Oven. Brought back so many memories!
Nannie made the two vetren's special quilts. They are absolutely beautiful!