Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random cute pics of my boy!!

A visit from Grams and Gramps Great

Grams and Gramps Great came to visit from Idaho.  Steven had come down with a really awful flu and was still on the mend for the first couple of days they were here visitng.  They actually both ended up getting very sick as well.  We didn't get to do as much as we wanted to do, but we had fun with the time we had.  

Steven helped with his little shovel digging out some of our shrubs.

He just started doing this funny pose, and he does it all. of. the. time.

We went shopping one day and Steven begged for this train.  Of course, he only has to give a hug and smile and seems to get whatever he wants.  He was smiling for Grams Great with his new John Deere hat and train. 

Playing trains with Grams on the floor.

Here are your toes!!!

Posing with Grandma Great!

Playing trucks is his favorite thing!!

Gramps got sick so instead of going out to dinner, we went to McDonalds.  Steven wasn't very brave to go play on the toys.  He just played in this one area. 

Easter Part II

We went to Bass Pro Shop to visit the Easter Bunny.  We took standing in line while the boys went to play.  Steven loves to ride the 4 wheelers!

Bringing cousing Emmett along for the ride.

Easter Morning....that crazy bunny came. 

We set a trap for the Easter Bunny, with carrots and all. 

Easter Part I

Easter 2012
We had a lot of fun the week of Easter.  We started out the week by dying eggs.  Steven had a lot of fun, and he loved playing with his friends Emmy and Lydia.
Steven just wanted to put his spoon in all of the cups.  At the end, he ended up with almost as much egg dye on him as the eggs.

Lydia and Emmy had fun too!

While we were dying eggs there was a knock on the door.  When I opened it, there was a sign on our door saying we had been egged.  The kids had a blast finding the eggs.  We did egg hunts several other times during the week.

Our community and the church down the road put on an Easter Egg hunt.  The kids had a blast!  After, we played on the toys. 

Look at my little egg hunter!!

They were seperated by ages and Steven was with the little guys.  He found a hole in the fence and escaped to find his friends.


Steven's Grandma-Great sent a little package for Steven.  Inside was a John Deere tractor, another little truck and a trailer.

You can tell he absolutely loves them!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A letter to my boy about Night time

Dearest Son,
You are the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and I often go to sleep at night looking at your sweet face or watching videos of you on Daddy's phone.  I often dream about you while I sleep as well.  You are my everything and I am so grateful for you!

I have been having a lot of struggles lately surrounding you.  No, it probably quite isn't what many people think of when I say struggle.  See, you have a really hard time going to bed.  Please know, I blame this entirely on myself Bug.  From the time you came home, Mommy nursed you and then rocked you to sleep.  I have always had the same routine of a story and prayer and bed.  You just want to be rocked.  I am struggling because I have received advice from friends about ways I can put you down and get you to stay in your bed.  I have prayed about these techniques.  I have even tried one of them.  Here lies the problem:  I go in telling myself I am going to be strong.  I will put you back in your bed every single time you get out of bed.  But when you cry and reach out and say in your sweetest tones, "Mama" my heart breaks into a million tiny pieces.  I think some people would call me weak.  I am sure some would tell me to grow a back bone.  Already several have told me I am doing you no good by coming to your aid and rescue every time you want or need me. 

But what they don't know is I need you to.  When you are holding out your arms saying, "Mama" I am screaming and crying inside saying, "Steven."  My arms PHYSICALLY ache for you, to hold you.  My heart inside my chest literally hurts because I want to hold you.  My nose even gets a whiff of you and I want to smell you.  You are my baby.  You will always be my baby.  You have the rest of your life to grow up, sleep in bed by yourself, put yourself to sleep.  I want to hold you so badly!  I think I have such a physical response because I waited, dreamed, fantasized about you for nearly 6 years before you came into my life.  I often wonder if you will be it.  Will I be afforded the opportunity to have another little baby in my arms? 

I love you so much it hurts!  You make me so happy!  Thank you for choosing me to be your Mama!  Thank you for seeing strength in me where I feel weak.  Thank you for your patience, your love despite my imperfections.  I pray many MANY times during the day that I can be worthy of your huge spirit that is locked inside your tiny body.  I love you Bug!