Sunday, June 27, 2010

Letter to a Little One

Dearest Little One,

This has been a post I have been conjuring up in my mind for quite sometime, but I haven't felt I could post it until now. We are only a few short weeks from welcoming you into this world and I think there are a few things you should know.

First of all, Mommy and Daddy have waited a long time for you to come. We have hoped and prayed and fasted that you would get here. About two years ago, Mommy was very sad that she couldn't have babies and my heart was so very heavy. Your Grandpa-great gave me a Priesthood Blessing and in that Blessing I was promised that I would be a mother in Zion. I was promised that I would have many children come into my home. I felt the spirit so strongly and I knew that the words he spoke that day did not come from him, but our Heavenly Father. Daddy received a very similar blessing from your grandfather, your name sake, that very same day, where he was promised he would be a father in Zion. You are such a loved, long awaited for baby. Your daddy chose a second middle especially for you, Espirido, which in Portuguese means "Long Awaited One." You are long awaited and so very loved!

Feeling you move inside of me is an experience I never thought I would have. Tears are often brought to my eyes to think I have been blessed to be your Mommy. I am not sure I deserve such a responsibility, but I need you to know I will do the very best job that I can to raise you up in the Gospel and to teach you to be a loving, caring, strong man. I have dreamed many dreams about you and I know you are a special spirit son of our Heavenly Father. I know you will encounter many hardships in your life and I want you to know as your Mother, you can turn to a Heavenly Father who loves you! I love our Heavenly Father very much and I lean on him heavily to help me along every single day.

Your first name is Steven. This is such a strong name little one. It is a name you deserve! It belongs to your Grandpa Anderson who is such a strong, gentle, kind and gracious man. He gave his name to your Daddy, who is so much like your Grandpa in every way. They are both huge inspirations in my life, and I hope you learn to look up to them as well. Trust in them. Lean on them. We hope and pray you will be a strong, kind, gentle and gracious man.

Your Mommy and Daddy love each other very much! We searched long and hard for each other and we strive everyday to share that love together. We try to make every minute count. We are so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and we know it is the true Church upon the earth today. You will be raised to know what is right and wrong and then you will have the opportunity to make your own choices and mistakes. Please know, we are here to hold your hand and help you along every step of the way.

Little one, we anticipate your arrival. We will be the best parents that we can be, but please forgive us. We are mortal humans and we will make mistakes. We love deeply, sincerely. We have prayed many years for you to come and now that it is so close, it seems so surreal. We love you Little One! Safe journey....

With love,
Your Mommy