Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 4, 2012

We had been contemplating for awhile about how we would spend our 4th of July.  Because of a fireworks ban, no fireworks at all.  We found out the day before there was one show still downtown, but quickly decided we were not going to brave one of the only firework shows in the city!  We decided since our boy loves trains, we would cool off at Belleview park as a family.  I am grateful we made that choice!  It was really a lot of fun.  Steven played in the water more this time.  He loved that his dog, Wally, was in the water with him. 
The Train Ride
(I stayed off this time to be with Wally.  He was going crazy because there were a ton of people at the park!)

After the train ride, we found a nice shady spot right by the water and changed Bug into his swimming suit.  He hasn't been crazy about the water this year, but luckily we had his trusty sidekick, Wally, to help him out.  They did so well together!  I love those boys. 

 I have a picture just like this from last year, but that is another post coming soon!

We went to the shore line and had a picnic.  My boys were all so hot and tired.  They make me smile!

AFter the park we went home for a nap!  We went to Nana and Grandpa's for a BBQ (minus fireworks).  Steven was holding/looking at their new pets.  He wanted so badly to touch them, but was a little weary.

How grateful I am to live in the United States of America!  I love the freedoms is allows me.  I am also extremelly grateful to the men and women who have, and are, sacrificing for me and the country.  Thank you for your service!


June 27, 2012
There is one thing Denver absolutely did right and that is all of the parks!  I read somewhere there are over 200 parks in the Denver area.  I don't think we have visited even a small portion of them, but maybe that is a good summer goal!  One of our favorite parks is Belleview Park.  It has a stream that is not over 4feet deep at the deepest point, a playground and of course, a train ride.  What?  Did you say train?  Yes Steven, I did.  We kidnapped the girls one day for a play date and drove to the park.  To save my camera, I didn't get it out in the water at all, but I did take some pictures on the train.

 The kids were so cute! Emmy and Lydia are Steven's best friends!. He asks where they are and what they are doing all of the time. He loves these girls! It is so sweet to watch the 3 of them when they haven't seen each other for awhile. Steven will literally run up to them and give them huge hugs. I am so lucky to have such good friends who live just a moment away! Love you guys!

Earlier in the week we went to the zoo with the girls as well.  It has been so hot we don't get to spend as much time outside as we would like.  Luckily, we chose a day that was overcast, so it was quite nice.

We love the Dirt!

June 24, 2012
Matt had a scout meeting at our home.  Despite the fact he told me it wouldn't be very long (never, ever believe a committee of men when they say it will be a short meeting) we believed him and went outside to play.  We had such a blast!!  We played soccer, splashed Wally in the pool, swung on the swings, played fetch with Wally, played basketball, played keep-away from Wally...I gotta tell you, we had a BLAST outside for about 2 hours.  I didn't get my camera until the end though.  I had to snap a few of my dirty faced, sweet littl guy.  He has become so independant lately and wanted to swing by himself.  I love this face and I could kiss it all day long, dirt and all!

Train Museum

June 23, 2012
My sweet little boy has become obsessed with trains.  He LOVES them!  It is so incredibly sweet.  We had a coupon to visit the train museum, so we drove to Brighton, slathered up our boy in sunscreen and enjoyed an afternoon looking at, visiting, and playing with trains.
 The moment we stepped out of the car and he saw his first train, he was in heaven! We were walking up to the museum and they have hundreds of trains you can see. He was bouncing up and down and saying "Choo Choo. Choo Choo." It was priceless! I know he was excited, but I felt the same excitement watching him!

Playing Outside, Take II

June 2012
I have so many pictures of my sweet boy I just had to include more!  I am absolute LOVE with this kid!  I can't stop taking pictures of him!  I feel like if I don't I may forget or miss something.  I want to capture every single moment.  I guess I am scare of him growing up or scared of losing him or forgetting something about him.  I try to relish every single moment of every single day and one way I do that is by trying to capture as much as I can with pictures.  (maybe another reason I am so far behind in blogging!)

Big shoes to fill!

June 2012
IOne day Steven put my shoes on because we had to run outside super fast and it the ground was hot.  He thought it was hilarious!!!
Seriosly, look at those adorable, pudgy little baby feet!  I could kiss on them all day!!

When you ask him to smile, he says "Cheese" and makes this super adorable, super cheesy, super beautiful smile!  I LOVE this kid!!!!