Thursday, September 24, 2009

Five Years Together!

Today is our Fifth Anniversary! Five years ago today, Matt and I were married in the Bountiful Temple for time and all eternity. It was a beautiful day in September! Looking back five years ago, I never would have thought we would be where we are today. I had in my mind the route that our "happily ever after" would take, but I know we will look back someday and understand why we had to go through what we are. I am so grateful to my wonderful husband and the man he is. He is the man I dreamed about marrying as a little girl. He is my Prince Charming, my knight in shining armor. I can't imagine spending eternity with anyone else! We are a perfect fit for each other!

When we were in the Single's Ward in SLC, I was offered a job at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. I called Matt, who was my home teacher, to tell him about the job offer and to tell him I was going to the temple to pray about it. He asked if he could accompany me. My answer was clean, I knew I had to go. We sat in the Celestial Room and I remember looking up at him and asking him if he would still be my friend when I left. He looked down at me and said he would be my friend always and forever. That was so significant. I didn't find out until later he was sitting next to me praying about me, praying about asking me to be his girlfriend. And really, the rest is history. We were inseparable! I love him dearly, truly, eternally.
Para sempre meu amor!