Thursday, May 29, 2008

No news

It has been nearly two weeks since I last posted about a possibility of an adoption. I have been waiting to post for exciting news, but nothing. Our social worker called last Sunday only to tell us 1-the mother is still in the hospital because of her high blood pressure. I don't feel very promising about this entire situation, but we try to keep our hopes up without keeping our hopes up. 2-there is another mother possibly wanting to adopt her baby out, but she is only 6 weeks along.

I get so very frustrated with this entire thing. But amidst it all, I TRY to stay positive. I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Both mine and Matt's patriarchal blessings say we will be parents. I guess that is the naivety of youth. You grow up seeing women pregnant and young babies being blessed and so on and so forth. I had no idea I would ever have a hard time getting pregnant. I keep questioning God on the injustices: I am a pretty good woman trying to do the right things, and I can't get pregnant. Young girls slip up once, women in prison, the woman with 20 kids, pregnant. Why?? Why not me?? I don't know if I will ever understand or comprehend, but I know there is a plan greater than me. I know I am being watched over and loved.

Thank you all for your prayers! I can't even tell you what it has meant to me! I have felt so much comfort and support over these last two weeks! I know I would not have been able to be so strong, so comforted, so at peace with things without the power of prayer! Thank you again and again!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Please send us your prayers!!

I guess I was getting complacent in life because we just got our pot stirred. We are in desperate need of everyone's prayers! I may even be jumping the gun on this, as Matt is on the phone right now with our social worker, but one of my first thoughts was, I really just need as many prayers and words of encouragement as possible!

My Mother-in-law called about 30 minutes ago. She said they were all at church and Dad's phone went off. Typically, they don't even take their cell phones to church, but it just so happened it was in his pocket and even on. Well, it was our social worker with a lead on a baby. Mom left church to call us, it was that big of a deal. So, here is the scoop:
The mom is going back to jail on a probation violation. She is pregnant with her third child due in 6 weeks, but she has high blood pressure so there is a very good chance the baby will be born early. The Grandmother is already raising her two previous children and will not raise a third. The mom does not want social services to come in and take the baby. The thing that really scares me is the mother was a methamphetamine user while pregnant. (Even though it has only been about 30 minutes, I already feel like a somewhat expert on meth and babies.) We have been on the phone with our social worker and the lady who works out at the prison since. This looks so promising, and I am so scared! As I said, I was getting complacent in life. I was planning a trip to Europe next year. I thought I had all of my ducks in a row.

If I am supposed to be the mother of this child, God will prepare a way. So many of you have said, "Wow Brandy. You are so brave." But I can tell you this much, I am not feeling brave right now. I am scared!! Please pray that whatever is supposed to happen, will happen. And please pray for the mother of this precious little one that she may have an open mind and be able to make the right decisions for her and baby, whatever that is right now. Thank you for your constant support and friendship! I love you all!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Mom Song

I was introduced to this a few months ago, but just forgot to post it. I remember when I was younger I promised myself I would never say the corny things my Mom did, but I find myself saying them constantly! What a funny day when you wake up and realize, you have turned into your Mom! Have a great day everyone, and enjoy a laugh on me! Love ya!

A laugh is a smile that bursts. ~Mary H. Waldrip

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day

The first part of my Grams conversation with me always goes about the same:
Grams: So, what is new?
B: Nothing. We have a pretty boring life, same stuff, differant day.
Grams: Honey, you don't know what boring is until you have our lives!
I love my Grams soo much!!! So here is an update on my week, very ordinary. Just the way I like it!

This last week was teacher appreciation week. Last year we got a key chain. Now, I am not saying this was bad by any means, afterall, it was just nice to be recognized. This year was so much better! There was a gift on my desk everyday of the week:
Monday: A coffee cup with coffee, hot chocolate and little chocolate mints (not sure yet what to do with the coffee!)
Tuesday: $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble
Wednesday: A polo shirt with the school's logo on it
Thursday: A really nice, engraved pen with my name on it
Friday: A picture frame/clock thing and our managers threw us a BBQ!! Wow!! I was so impressed! It was so nice to be appreciated! It wasn't the objects themselves that made so much of an impact, but the thought of it! Thank you! Thank you to my teachers of the past and to those who have impacted me in any way!

And the last thing I want to say is Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for being such spectacular, caring mothers to the children of the future! It is not easy, I am sure of it, but you are doing the most important thing possible and that is loving your children! Thank you so very much! One thing I have realized is that you don't have to be a mother to celebrate. Sure, I am a future Mom, but I can be a mom in other ways. (We learned this lesson from Sheri Dew, former member of the General RS). I also want to give a special shout out to my Mom! I am, by and large, the woman I am today because of her loving, caring and tender ways! Thanks mom! I love you so very much Mom!!

One of my favorite pics of me and my Mommy! (I'm pretty sure she is going to shoot me for this one!!)

Tagged: Take 2

A - Z Tag
A: Attached or Single- Attached . . . Married for 3 1/2 years to the cutest boy ever!
B: Best Friend- Matt of course!
C: Cake or Pie- I am going to have to say cake, preferably chocolate!
D: Day of Choice- Saturday. We both have it off and get to spend it together!
E: Essential Items- Cell phone, computer, a good book
F: Favorite Color- PINK! My students all check to make sure I have pink on in some way, shape or form everyday!
G: Gummy Bears or Worms- Worms for sure!
H: Hometown- Chubbuck, ID
I: Favorite Indulgence- Chocolate! Anyone seeing a pattern?
J: January or July- I would have to say January. I don't do heat!
K: Kids- Nope, but I love them!!
L: Life is not complete without- Family and the gospel
M: Marriage Date- September 24. 2004
N: Number of Brothers and Sisters- This can be a tricky question. 1 biological brother, Drew. "Adopted: 1 brother, 3 Sisters In laws: 3 bros, 3 Sisters
O: Oranges or apples- Apples. I don't like oranges, except the cuties. :)
P: Phobia or Fears- This seems a little crazy, but since being married my biggest fear is someone coming into my house and killing me. Not sure what brought that on. I also don't do well in large crowds of people!
Q: Quote- "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." (make famous by Nelson Mandela)
R: Reasons to smile- I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, the Gospel is true, my puppy is so darn cute!
S: Superman or wonder woman- I know it should be girl power, but I am gonna have to say Superman!
T: Tag 4 people-Kymber, Liz, Criscell, Lisa (how do you pick just 4??? If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged)
U: Unknown Fact about me-I love stupid reality TV shows (sometimes) like The Real World and America's Next Top Model....things that do nothing for your brain!
V: Vegetable- Raw cauliflower and broccoli
W: Worst Habit- Not taking time to cool off when my temper starts to flair
X: X-ray or ultrasound- Definitely ultrasound!!
Y: Your favorite food- Can anyone guess? Yup, chocolate! I love a good Alfredo too!!
Z: Zodiac Sign- Gemini