Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home Ownership!!

So, we have been in our home for about three weeks and we have had such a fantastic time. Pictures coming soon, we hope. We haven't hooked up Internet access yet, so no facebook and I don't get to blog either. We love our new home! However, I really need to find a money tree so I can fix and get everything together that I want. I guess one thing and one step at a time.

I guess I never realized how much work owning a home is. It is always something. I have been raking leaves like a mad woman, cleaning, getting things together, and now with the snow fall, well, lots of shoveling to do! We got DUMPED on and it is incredible and beautiful!

So, that is our super quick update. We are still hoping and praying that Matt finds a job soon. Other than that, all is well! Hopefully, more details to follow! Sending love and hugs!!