Wednesday, March 23, 2011

8 Months

Where does the time go? It seems just moments ago I was holding my tiny brand new baby? I am sure one day Steven is going to say, "Ah mom, stop getting so sentimental all of the time!" And I am going to just cry because I will remember him being my "tiny baby." Oh, I LOVE this little boy to bits and pieces! Here is an 8 Month recap of some of his accomplishments and fun times:

-He is an expert crawler! He is so fast in fact. His favorite things to crawl towards are Wally's red bone and Mommy. I think it is so sweet that he will follow me around the family room as I do laundry or clean up. The kid LOVES Wally's red bone and already, there have been some small arguments between Steven and Wally over it. It is so fun to watch him crawl all over the place!

-Steven is such a good little eater. A lady in our ward handed him a cracker for the first time and he just kind of looked at her funny. But it didn't take him long to figure it out. Now, he are a cracker pro. If we could just figure out how to keep his hands clean while eating, life would be perfect. Steven has tried a lot of new foods from noodles to cottage cheese, the meat baby foods to oatmeal cereal. He will pretty much each just about anything, except peaches. I will sometimes try to sneak them into something, and he sees right through them. The kid will eat pears until his little stomach will burst, but he will not each peaches.

-My tiny baby is sin 18 month old clothing. I am so grateful for a happy, healthy boy but I sure do miss those tiny little clothes.

-As far as sleeping through the night, it is always touch and go. There are some nights when he sleeps like a champ and there are other nights when he is wakes several times. I believe he just wants to be cuddled up with his mom, but who knows. I really believe he is teething because he drools a lot more and he has been ultra fussy lately. The once happy to lucky baby is quite often fussy, which breaks me heart. He has been attached to me and I often call him my little orangutan because he will hang on me like the orangutans you see at the zoo. I am grateful he is such a mommy's boy though!

-Steven is such a boy. He brings his father and I so much joy and I stop several times a day just to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to our Father in Heaven for this sweet boy in our lives! I try not to take a single second for granted. I often use the phrase, "I just (insert activity like rocked, cuddled, fed, held, played with, etc.) and angel." He is truly one of Heavenly Father's choice spirits and I know this to be true!