Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Everything is funner with a little one and going to the pumpkin patch this year was no exception! We drove to Boulder and Steven did so well. He actually fell asleep in the carseat! (He HATES the carseat and tends to scream and cry, which often times makes mommy cry! We picked out pumpkins and found a baby one for our baby. More than anything, we just love spending time together as a family. Enjoy some of the photos from the day.

Matt and Steven in front of a steam locomotive!

Okay, Okay...I know his pants headed up north past his belly button, but look at his super duper cute smile!

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Kourtney and Benjamin said...

Thanks for the invitation to your blog! Just so you know I read it everytime you post Im just not the best at commenting! These pictures are adorable and just so you know Im so happy when I see a mamma wearing her baby! So good for you both :)