Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Odds and Ends

Last week was Spirit Week at school. (I organize these once a quarter for the students) and one day was Impersonation Day. I am on this HUGE American Gladiator kick, so I decided I would be a Gladiator. My students all know that I am a fan, so several of them give me a new name every now and again. But I chose my own name for this day and it was "Twilight." (yup, just like the book!!) Here is a pic of me and one of my cute students who was impersonating me. (She said I wear a lot of sweater vests and pink!!)

The Sunbeams and I had sharing time this past Sunday. I fretted about it for a long time, and on Saturday I called Melinda. She gave me a wonderful idea, and I ran with it. We had been learning about temples all June, and Melinda gave me the idea of learning about Temples around the world. I worked so hard (thanks for helping honey!!) and each Sunbeam ended up with a sign to wear with a temple and then a map on the other side. I was so excited about it!! It didn't go as planned. They were very rambuncious and crazy, but I loved it anyway. I don't think anyone got anything out of the lesson but me, but I wouldn't trade those little faces for anything! I love my Sunbeams so very much!!! I actually started crying in closing exercises, not because it was quiet and I could hear the lesson being taught, but because I could feel how much our Heavenly Father loves these choice spirits! I was given a small glimpse into that. At times I miss Relief Society, but I wouldn't trade my time with these little spirits for anything. They are sweet, innocent, beautiful and they teach me so much more than I will ever teach them!

I just wanted to share a pic of Matt and Doogie. They are so sweet and the lights in my life. Matt loves me unconditionally and Doogie is just our little guy! We never thought I first baby would be so hairy! :) At night, Doogie gets up on the bed to have "Family Prayer" with us, then Matt puts him in his puppy bed. It doesn't take long for Doogie to jump onto the bed and he sleeps the rest of the night cuddled between my legs. It is so sweet!


Lisa said...

So awesome!!! I love reading your blog! We definitely need to chat sometime. I miss you. Remember seminary together? :) Good times.

Get Bent said...

Spirit week- jeez you have a fun job. Ahh, sunbeam, those were the days. I love primary- I am secretary in my ward. :)
Your dog is too cute!

Melinda said...

I'm sure they loved having a sign to wear! Maybe that's what made them extra rambunctious....sorry! :-)

Spirit week looked fun! At my middle school they do "red ribbon week" which is about drug awareness, but they have dress up days, I'll have to figure out who chooses what we do, cuz impersonation day sounds really fun!