Saturday, September 6, 2008

I love my nieces to pieces!

Thank you again for your continued prayers and love! We are doing okay. Everyday brings something different, but we try to put our trust in the Lord and in His plan.
In the midst of the craziness, I didn't get an opportunity to share our Labor Day weekend! It was amazing! We were going to go camping, but completely spaced making reservations until Thursday night. Wouldn't ya know, everything was booked! We called up Matt's brother, Ben and his cute wife, Angela, and asked permission to "kidnap" the babies. They were happy for a weekend of peace and we were beyond ecstatic for a weekend with the girls! We did as much as we could possibly squeeze into one day.
Reagan and Hannah on one of our breaks. It was soo hot!!

The entire time, Reagan kept saying she wanted to see the giraffes. They were at the very end!

Her other favorite was the lions! She repeated, "The Daddy lion has flies on his nose."

Matt told me I had to post this one...what else can I say?

There were some bongo drums and the girls absolutely loved them!!

No Aunt/Uncle day is complete without a trip to McDonalds! (I forgot my camera in the car for this part) but the girls were absolutely adorable! I could watch them play for hours.

It was such a warm day we wanted to play in the water, so we drove across town to Southlands Mall to play, but neither of them were too terribly set on the water idea. I definitely got more wet than they did!

For a nice ending to the day we had ice cream. The girls were so incredibly adorable! There was ice cream EVERYWHERE!!

My favorite part of the day was bath time, and bedtime stories and singing my little girls to sleep. They are the lights of my life and I am so blessed to have two little nieces who I love to pieces!


Rawlings Family said...

How fun! I'm glad you have family close to you. What a fun Aunt! I want to have a day of fun with you guys.

Liz said...

SO sweet! Glad you guys had a fun day!

Criscell said...

You make one awesome Auntie! They are lucky to have you.

French Family said...

What cutie-pa-tooties they are! Any time you want to take my girls, they are yours ;) What a great time it looks like you had and those cutie girls are lucky to have an aunt and uncle like you two! :)

Suzie-Q said...

It looks like you and Matt are the awesomest!! I want to go to the Zoo!! I am glad that you had something fun to do for Labor day weekend. We just stayed home and cleaned house.

Adam and Kym said...

Those girls are so cute!!! No wonder you had a blast!

emiflute said...

Those girls are adorable. No better word for it. I'm sure they will always that day you devoted to them. Way to go Aunt Brandy and Uncle Matt

James and Tricia Thomas said...

You are the best aunt ever!! Did you know we are distantly related and Dorothy is also your niece... So whenever you want to kidnap her...