Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Month of May Posting

May has been such a crazy month! Of course, it seems as if they are all crazy right now. Preparing for baby to arrive, there is so much to do. I am still working full time and I am hoping and praying I can work right up until the day Steven decides to make his grand entrance into the world! Matt is still looking for a job and we pray and have faith that will happen so I can stay home with the babe. If not, I am very lucky I have a great job that I love. Here are a few pictures of our month in review:

Wally got in a tuff with a chow from around the corner. He now can join Doogie in the "Paycheck Dog Club." So much for trying to save our tax return. When we originally took Wally in, they gave him antibiotics and some pain meds for his cheek. One of the bite marks went all the way through his cheek and gums. Poor guy...He had to go back in a week later because his cheek was so swollen and pussy. A drain was inserted for a week and he had to wear what Matt calls, "The Cone of Shame." I felt like such an awful Mommy as he would just sit and put his head on me with those huge puppy dog eyes.
Our boys, for the most part, get along now. We have even caught a few glances (and still fewer pictures) of them cuddling up together. We are just so glad they get along!

Mother's Day was amazing! I have cried my way through many Mother's Days. Matt got me a card from him and one from the "boys." And to be honest, I am almost certain they went with him when he bought it. :) He also bought me this beautiful corsage from the YW fund raiser. How sweet and thoughtful is he?!
This is me with The Boys on Mother's Day. I imagine they are arguing with each other in their heads, "Mom, don't make us pose for a picture together!" Baby Steven is in the picture too!

And here I am in all of my pregnant glory...about 29 1/2 weeks!


Darci and Ryan said...

You are absolutely adorable and will be the best Mommy!

Misty said...

You look so awesome! Good luck with everything!

Holly said...

You look great Brand! You look so happy and I'm so excited for you!!

Carrie said...

"The cone of shame." Haha! Oh, I am so thrilled for you! Your boys are going to be good big brothers. :)