Monday, May 30, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

I absolutely LOVE having my little baby around with me everywhere I go. He is such a blessing and a welcome sight. From sun up, to sun down, he is the happiest baby. However, I find having a little shadow makes my chores take twice as long. But ya know what? I wouldn't change a thing about it for the world! I just smile and think about how blessed I am to have this sweet spirit in my life!

While Mommy types on the computer, Steven likes to take things out of the arts and crafts box. If only I could teach him to put it all back in.
He LOVES to unwind the toilet paper from the roll, and he is so quick. The boy can unravel an entire roll in 10 seconds flat. There has got to be a record to be won here!
He also enjoys helping with the dishwasher.


Tara said...

He is getting so big - and he is adorable! Marleigh loves the dishwasher too, except she likes to climb inside and bounce on the door if I don't watch her. They are handful, but you are right, they are so worth every minute!

K Lind said...

He is growing up so fast! Gotta love little helpers!

The Figgins said...

He sounds a lot like my little guy. We just started working on teaching him to put things away and he's kind of getting it. The biggest problem is that he gets distracted after 4 items.