Monday, September 13, 2010

2 months!

We have had a blessed 2 months! I know I say it every single posting, but I absolutely love my little guy, and I love being a mommy. Here are some fun things about this past month:

My little guy is SO strong. He is getting so much better at holding his own head up. Also, he will plant his feet on my belly and push himself up on his feet to stand. We feel so strongly that he is going be our gentle giant as he gets older.

He has started smiling so much more. However, every time we get the camera out, he stops. It makes us laugh. We have talked about buying disposable cameras so we can have one in every room. It is so fun! He has these little "smile lines" under his nose that we so lovingly call his whiskers.

He grips onto toys like his rattle and the little rings. It makes me smile so much to see this!

He is in 6 month clothes!! He is so tall but not at all chunky. He has a little chunk on his legs, but other than that, he is tall and lean. :)

We blessed him last weekend; an entire posting with pictures soon to come on that.

I have tried to add more pictures but blogger seems to be having issues and won't load anymore tonight. I will do a picture posting soon as well as his stats from his 2 month appointment, which is tomorrow. Stay tuned...


Darci and Ryan said...

He is so sweet! You are totally allowed to say how much you love him and being a mommy, even after three everything still amazes me too! Love ya!

Suzie-Q said...

AWESOME!!! Being a mom is great!

Jenny Cook said...

Soooooooo cute! Love the pictures!!