Friday, September 24, 2010

6 years!

Happy Anniversary Baby!
6 Years ago I married my best friend for time and all eternity in the Bountiful Temple. I am so glad he chose me from all of the other girls pursuing him. I love him to bits and pieces! I thought I would mention 6 things I absolutely love about my man!

1-I love to watch him with out little boy. He can get Steven to laugh when no one else can. Steven loves his daddy so much and I am so grateful to have such a loving father for my little guy!
2-I love the way he holds me. I fit so perfectly into his arms. I have never had that with anyone before. To take that a step further, he holds my hand every chance he gets and I absolutely love that!
3-I love his spirit. I think this is one of the first things that I noticed about him. He is so close to our Father in Heaven and has such a sweetness about him.
4-I love the way he laughs at his brothers or something funny until he almost can't breathe or has to sit down. His entire face scrunches up and it makes everyone else around him laugh too!
5-I love that he loves me for me. He always compliments me, even when I look quite horrible! What a gentle, sweet, genuine guy!
6-I love him for the man he wants to become. He wants to take care of Steven and I. he wants me to be able to stay home and be a mommy to our little guy. He wants to succeed so we both can succeed!
For our first anniversary we went to a bed and breakfast up in the mountains. It was so romantic! This is a picture of us cutting the top tier of our wedding cake. It was actually very yummy and very well preserved!
For our third anniversary we went to New York City! Matt had never been and we had a blast just hanging out together!

For our fourth anniversary Matt took me to Red Lobster. We are really good at taking self portraits!

Right before we had been married 4 years, we took a cruise to Alaska with my family. I am not sure that one could be topped!

Anniversary #5 we signed on our first home. I can't seem to find the pictures from our house signing. I must have stuck them in a folder that I needed to sort through.

So, how are we going to spend Anniversary #6? Well, we are getting carpet put in our family room. (It is build on a concrete slab with just a small layer of linoleum. We can't put the baby on the floor because of the lack of padding, so we really needed to get this done!) We also are enjoying our little guy and everything about him! Being parents is defiantly the pinnacle of our lives!

Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you!


Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved your comments - they fit everything I think about my hubby too! Such a wonderful thing - this marriage idea! :)

Adam and Kym said...

Yay. Happy Anniversary. BTW - I thought it was funny on your side bar, your wedding picture and the date of September 24, 2994! That means you won't get married for another 990 years! Love ya.

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! I love anniversaries...such a great excuse to spend some time alone with your spouse. I love your comments, too. I feel those feelings about my husband, too!

Heather said...

Congrats you guys! Jon-Michael and I were just discussing what a great guy Matt is. (JM loves serving with him!) And we both agree that you are so wonderful and sweet Brandy! You two are so awesome, and you totally deserve each other! :)