Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blessing Day

Steven was blessed on September 5, 2010 by his father. The day was incredible! Nana and Nannie Great came to dress him in his special outfit. Nannie Great found it in Utah and I absolutely loved it. It was a little knit outfit with little leather shoes. It barely fit him, but I guess he only needed it one day. His little blanket was made by Nana when Steven's father served his mission in Brazil.

We all arrived at the church and took our seats. Well, that is we were all there except Grandpa and the kids. Grandpa got lost, really lost and ended up being really late. Mommy got very nervous, but they just put off the blessing until everyone got there.

He was given a special name of Steven Robert Esperido Anderson. Steven is the name of his father as well as his Grandfather. Robert was my Grandpa Jensen's first name and we have felt a special spirit in him helping to get our little guy here. Esperido is Portuguese for "long awaited one." We know it is a big, long name, but we feel it so fitting for the man he will become.

His daddy gave him a beautiful blessing! I was in tears the entire time, but luckily Nana wrote down some things for me.
He was blessed that he will be a large man both in stature and in spirit. Also, that he will serve those that are weak and needy.
He was told to always give service to his Father in heaven. "You will be a leader to those around you. Stay close to your Father in Heaven and be attentive to His teaching and close to His answers."
He was told again that he would be a leader to shoe around him and to his future siblings. They will see his example and follow him.
The last thing he was told was to choose to serve a mission honorably.

We had some special people come for his blessing:
Nannie-Great and Grandpa Great came from Saratoga Springs, Utah. Steven is their 26th Great-Grand Child. I was given a blessing a few years ago from Grandpa promising me that I would be a mother in Zion, but it would be in Heavenly Father's time, not mine. How grateful I am for the sweet spirit in my life now!

Uncle David, Aunt Amber and Cousin Henry came in from Lawrence, Kansas for the special day.

And of course, Nana and Grandpa from Parker with Molly, Rebecca and Travis. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Carolyn were there too, but we didn't end up with any pictures of them.

The Three Stevens
Grandpa Steven, Daddy Steven (he goes by his middle name, Matt) and now our Steven

Aunt Amber is a photographer and took a lot more pictures, so we will have to wait until she gets those posted. I was mostly relishing in the day, so I didn't have an opportunity for many photos. How grateful I was to have her there for all of those sweet, precious moments. So, another blessing posting to come when those pictures come in.


Adam and Kym said...

Isn't it such a special day when your husband can give your child a name and a blessing? I will treasure Carter's blessing day for as long as I live. I am glad that Steven's day went so well.

Holly said...

I'm so happy for you! Your little man is sure a cutie!! Love you Brand!

Heather said...

That was a really neat thing to be a part of. We are so happy for you and that sweet little boy!

Carrie said...

There is a special spirit felt on the day you get to see your babies blessed by their Daddy. :´)
I love the three Stephens picture. Three great men!! Thanks for explaining the name, I think it fits!! Baby Stephen is growing! He doesn't have a newborn face so much, more grown up and Handsome!!