Monday, September 19, 2011

The Zoo Crew

We decided to buy a zoo membership this summer.  It has been so wonderful.  We have been many times and we don't have to be there all day, we can spend just a couple of hours at a time.  We really enjoy this time together as a family.  Steven really enjoys going.  As he gets older, he enjoys it more.  He LOVES the big cats area. 
 Steven loves the lions.  He knows how to do "lion" in sign language too!
 Takin it easy at the zoo.  Go ahead, put your feet up and enjoy the ride.
 We went to feed the Lorekeets.  Steven wasn't sure about it, but these little birds come and sit right on your hand and eat the nectar. 

Look at those cheeks!  I could kiss them all day long!

 There was a gorilla sitting right by the glass.  Steven and this gorilla sat and stared at each other for quite sometime.  I finally got Bug out of his stroller and put him right next to the glass....
They stood and talked together for quite sometime.  Seriously, the only thing that seperated this huge beast from my tiny baby was a pane of glass.  Quite intimidating to this mommy, but my little guy loved it.
Steven gave the gorilla kisses and high 5s.  He just kinda stared back at my bug.
He finally turned his back and that made Bug a bit upset.
Playin the bongo drums

Okay, maybe I am a crazy, obsessive mom, but he is really musically talented!  He can absolutely keep a rhythm and beat!

 Watching a bird show.  He absolutely loved it.  It made me laugh and smile.

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