Sunday, October 2, 2011

Belleview Park

Our eyes were opened to this most amazing park through our ward's play group.  It is one of our favorite places to hang out in the summer now (even if it is about a 20 minute drive).  I am so grateful that Denver got it so right when they planned out and built all of the parks.  It makes summers so much more fun!

Belleview Park has a little stream that doesn't get above about 3 feet anywhere.  Steven really loves to walk and play in the water.  This day, we even brought Wally along and he LOVED the water about as  much as Steven.  Steven insisted on holding Wally's leash and we all walked through the stream (well, Daddy was a party pooper and stayed on the shore to take pictures).  

Steven and his best buddy Wally in the little stream

Seriously, look at this handsome little boy.  He just sat on this rock and let his feet dangle in the water.

Mommy and her sweet little Water Bug

He just sat down in the water and stayed here splashing for a good 15 minutes

The park also has a little train that you can ride for $1.50 and a petting zoo.  We have never done the petting zoo, but Daddy and Steven rode the train.  Steven loved it and thought it was pretty neat!
The little engine that could

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