Monday, March 17, 2008

The Story of Doogie

So, the tale of how our little Pup came to be ours is quite an interesting one. In March of last year, there was an announcement made in Relief Society: A sister had broken her ankle in NY while vising family and the person caring for the dog could no longer do so. They were looking for someone to watch over the dog for a few weeks while she mended and could fly home. Matt and I volunteered, and what was supposed to be a matter of weeks turned into 3 months. When the sister finally came home in June, we had grown attached to the little guy!

After returning Doogie we got phone call after phone call telling us how he was into trash, chewing up furniture, not eating, etc. He had never done this at our home! He was missing Matt and me!!! We let him settle back into his old routine with his old owner, but missed him dearly. In October, a call came. This same lady was heading off to trucker school and needed someone to take Doogie for six weeks. This time, I put my foot down and said that I would not do that again to the little guy. After much comtemplating on her part, she asked that we take him for good or she would take him back to the pound. My heart went out to the little guy. Doogie has been with us ever since!

He has been such a sweet little puppy (and spoiled too!!) We take him every possible place we can, buy him anything that will make him happy. He has been the joy in our lives and we are so grateful for our little pup. Below are some pictures of him. We realized that we have more pics of him than we do of the two of us together. We are so grateful for Doogie and the light he brings to our lives!
Peek a boo Puppy!

I dressed both of my boys up for Halloween. I am one mean mommy!

Here is Doogie and Matt sharing a nap together! I love my boys!

Doogie stopped to smell the roses!

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Kjerstin said...

What a cute family. I wish I had the time for a puppy. I'd love to have one but I don't think I could give it the attention it deserved!