Sunday, June 10, 2012

At the Aquarium

David and Amber came to visit May 18-20.  We had a great day playing with our cousins Henry and Josie as well.  We spent Saturday at the Aquarium and it was a blast!  Steven has been before, but I think he enjoyed it more this time.  He LOVED the big sharks and the fish. 
We arrived before everyone else so the first 3 pictures are Steven sitting on Matt's lap totally hamming it up in our car. 

 Three little boys.  Henry and Steven are 363 days apart (even though Steven has a good 8 pounds on Henry!)  Emmett is then 7 months younger than Steven.  The three of them crack me up.  Poor Emmett had to ride in the stroller, but the boys were just too big.  They wanted to explore everything they could.  I could never get all three of them looking, but I thought this was sweet of them all gazing into a fish tank together. 
Seriously, look at the size of that fish!  Those little boys has no fear!  They stood there and marveled at that fish for the longest time. 

 He was looking anywhere except at the camera.  There was soo much going on!
What a cute family I have!  I am so lucky to have these boys in my life!

We got the part of the aquarium where you could touch a horseshoe crab and a starfish.  Below are pictures of each of the kids doing so:

At the very end of the visit, you can feed the sting rays.  I think the two boys would have liked to, but there was still some apprehension surrounding it. 

The entire crew (minus Amber and myself who were taking pictures).

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