Sunday, June 10, 2012

Whipped Cream and a sweet Story

My Bug loves strawberries and whipped cream.  He was really hamming it up on this day too!  I love this little guy and the joy he brings to my life.  Recently, he has wanted the same truck book read to him every nap and bed time.  If I try to trick him by reading another book, he always says, "Book"  and I know exactly what he means.  But in the last week, he has allowed me to read, "Love You Forever" afterwards to him.  It has really been a special bonding time for the two of us.  He seems to know, seems to understand the words so crystal clear.  He hugs me extra hard and extra long.  My sweet son is so close to the spirit.  I am grateful, beyond words, to be his mommy!! 

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