Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I have a "love-hate" relationship with the Summer.  I LOVE that we can go outside for hours.  I HATE that it is so stinkin hot!  I LOVE that we can play in the pool and work on our tans.  I HATE breathing in hot air or feeling like my clothes are sticking to me.  I LOVE seeing the smiles on my little boy's face as he swings or slides or plays.  I HATE watching his face turn all pink and red from the heat and the sunscreen plastered to him because it is so hot. 
Here is a sampling of our summer fun so far. We are trying to have a good attitude about the heat. :)

Steven loves to blow bubbles!  He says "Bubbles" so clearly.  It is so darn cute!  It cracks me up though because he doesn't quite get the concept of blowing them.  He sticks his lips right on the blower and blows, which of course doesn't work.  Man, I love that kid!

Playing basketball with dada.  He has really got the hang of it now.  He has great form and gets so happy when he gets it into the hoop, which really is a good majority of the time!

I bought this golf set a right after he was born.  We pulled it out this year and he is having  a blast with it.  He usually uses the clubs to hit the ground though.

First of many golf lessons with dad. 

A boy and his truck....

Sliding down the slide

She thinks my tractor's sexy....This kid LOVES tractors!!

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