Monday, April 21, 2008

Day at the Aquarium

It is quite obvious that we love our nieces so very much!! Their parents celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary so we took the girls for a day and we had a great time!
We went to the Denver Aquarium and saw all sorts of great things! Matt and I didn't get to really "look" at all the exhibits, but we had a great time none the less! Being to young, both girls were a little frightened at the "dark" parts of the exhibits and neither of the particularly appreciated the glass tunnel with fish all around you, but those were the parts, as an Aunt, I think I appreciated the most. They would snuggle right into the crook of my neck and hold onto me so tightly. Being one, Hannah wanted to run around anywhere and everywhere. Matt realized how much work having a little one is. Reagan chatted up a storm in my ear about the sharks and the big fish. We found a little baby stingray and its face was pressed right up against the glass. She kept saying, "Look Branny. A smiling fish!"
This is Reagan's "smiling" fish
We went to McDonald's for Happy Meals and then Target to pick out a toy. No Aunt/Uncle day is complete with out it all! We had such a blast! By the time we got back home, the girls were exhausted and tuckered out, but Matt and I were too! We didn't realize how much work two little girls are, but we love them dearly and can't wait to have them again!!
Hannah would ONLY go with Uncle Matt. But that worked out really well because Reagan would ONLY go with me!

Hannah loved the Jelly Fish!Reagan loved the Shark Exhibit!

I love my girls!!


Get Bent said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I wish my neices & nefews lived closer- I only get to see them at the most once a month. And there's 4 of them, I don't think we could handle them...maybe. But yeah- I know what you mean- one is a handful!!
I loved the pic of the smiling fish! ;)

Melinda said...

*sigh* the jealousy of it all. I'm quite convinced that it's going to take FOREVER for me to become an aunt. Neither one of our brothers who are married seem to feel the need to begin that whole multiply and replenish the earth thing anytime soon. Of course, Ryan's 1st anniversary is coming up and my brother just got married, so at least they have the newly wed excuse, it's just that I think both couples are content to wait to start trying for quite some time. Both girls are adorable!!!