Friday, April 4, 2008

Brandy Needs

This was funny! My friend Karen did this on her blog and I thought I'd try it out. Just go to google and type your name and then needs. I typed "Brandy needs" and this is what came up in the explanations of the Google articles:

Brandy needs to keep the toughness inside, but look like a soft, supple model on the outside (hmm...I actually hear exactly the opposite at school...I need to be more rough on the outside. But I have never heard that I need to look more soft or supple. I think I have plenty of that!)

Brandy Needs A New Wig
(I know my hair isn't the best, but....really??)

Brandy needs a home very badly
(This statement is very true! I am ready to move into a house and out of my apartment! But I guess home is where ever your heart and your family is, so in that case, I am home. I guess the statement is probably talking about a dog; I hear all the time, "I used to have a dog named Brandy!")

Brandy is in need of hip surgery
(Well, not quite, but I am making my way there!)

Brandy Needs Your Prayers.
(I will never turn down any prayers! I could use all the blessings I can get!)

Brandy Needs A Good Lawyer
(Does the computer know something I do not??)

Brandy needs to go back 2 eating meat, so maybe her body can be better proportioned
(I eat meat regularly...I have always thought my feet were too big)

Brandy, needs to hurry up
(Not sure what all the rush is about, but ok)

Brandy needs somebody to Slap
(Sometimes, aggression is the only answer!)

Brandy needs to get used to new people before trusting them, so patience is a must
(Wow....hit the nail right on the head!)

(My Mom tried to teach me for many years the differance between a "need" and a "want." Do you think I will ever learn? Is there any hope?) :)

Just a photo of me when I was a little tike. Thought I might be cute to add to the posting. Love you all!! Have a great conferance weekend!!

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The Adams family said...

Hey girl.. I found your blog on Corys! How are you? I have not talked with you in forever...would love to caught up.....