Monday, April 21, 2008

Jesus wants ME for a Sunbeam?!?!

Well, it finally happened: I got released from my calling as Relief Society Chorister, aka "The Flappy Arm Lady after nearly 4 years!!" (I hope I didn't offend anyone!!) I received a phone call late Saturday night calling me to be a Sunbeam teacher. I know the counselor in the Bishopric who called me personally. I laughed and said, "Nick, you are joking, right?" Nothing really set in until they announced my name over the pulpit: Sunbeam Teacher. Wow....I didn't join the church until I was 13 and I have never had a calling in Primary. I am nervous, but so incredibly excited!

I had my first "round" with the Sunbeams yesterday and loved it! The first thing they told me was my Sunbeams had a lot of "wiggles" but what 3 year old doesn't? I think "wiggly" was the understatement of a lifetime! But I walked out revitilized, like a fresh breath of Gospel Air! It took everything I had to keep from crying most of it. What beautiful, amazing, strong children of God the Sunbeams are!

So here is to learning the songs, staying strong in the Gospel, and loving every waking moment of my new calling! Also, if you have worked with Sunbeams before, I would LOVE your ideas, your input, your advice or whatever you have to offer!


Lisa said...

Brandy - good luck! Those sunbeams can be a handful. Here's my advice on the class. Don't expect anything. Sunbeams are just getting out of nursery mode, so including time to wiggle and talk is essential. Coloring pages are fun. Snacks, bathroom/drink breaks are great. And keep the lessons minimal. All in all, they're there to hear stories of Jesus- and that's what they love. If you need any more help, let me know!

Emily said...

I'm excited for you in your new calling. I don't have any advice but I know you'll be awesome. You have so much love to give and that's what they really need. Oh, and I love the new look of your blog. It's really cute!

Melinda said...

Use pictures!! All those pictures in the gospel art kit and the ones that are supposed to be in the back of the primary manual (I've just learned that they have different pictures in the manuals than just the gospel art kits too!). Samantha LOVES pictures of things and can identify the Prophet (although she is still not convinced that Thomas S Monson is now the prophet, along with the rest of the nursery kids, they still think Pres. Hinckley is the prophet) and Joseph Smith and Nephi and temples all from gospel art kit pictures. Teach them simple phrases that they can remember and repeat. I've never taught sunbeams, but I'm going off of what Samantha responds to and she'll be going into sunbeams in January. We taught her that the temple is Jesus' house and when she sees pictures of the temple she goes, "That's the temple, that's Jesus house!"

Also, the kids might not do things with you (like repeat something or sing a song with you) but they REALLY pick it up. I can't tell you how many parents have come up to me to tell me what their nursery kids are singing at home but just sit through when I'm with them.

And......I am right with you on the crying thing.....ever since I had Sam, I can't so much as read an article in the Friend without balling much less get through bearing my testimony in singing time to all the kids. You will be an amazing teacher and just what those kids need. Liz's advice was incredibly awesome too. And when it comes your rotation to do sharing time, include the kids as much as possible, even if it means video taping them ahead of time so they don't get scared in front of every one else, or just having them hold up pictures. Sorry to write a novel!!

Rawlings Family said...

I just have to tell you that she is right...Devan doesn't sing a lot in nursery but he always wants to sing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes or Do as I'm Doing at home.

Marta said...

Only thing better than Sunbeams are the Nurseryites! They are so fun and they have such curiousity at this age. Enjoy them, and write the things they say down, they start to fade. We had one little boy who wouldn't eat vanilla wafers, becaue they weren't "real" cookies. Becky Pickens and I usually make homemade cookies, and they become the expected thing. The next week he told us, "These are real cookies" we have a budding 19 month old soccer star named Zerick. Have so much fun Brandy. Primary is so where it's at, unless of course it is YW.