Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Boy Bed

When Steven went in for his 18 month appointment, our pediatrician suggested (okay, not really suggested but told us) he needed to be in a toddler bed sometime between then and his 24 month appointment.  I know I looked at the man like he was crazy.  My boy is still a tiny baby!  He can't sleep in a big boy bed!  Was this man nuts?  So, we didn't really talk about it much.  Until one Saturday, Matt brought it up.  "I don't even think we have all of the parts."  (We bought his big boy bed at a yard sale quite some time ago for $7 because it was so stinkin cute!!)  So we went down to the basement and within an hour, the bed was assembled.

It sat in Steven's room for quite sometime and with some cajoling from Matt, we put the mattress in it.  Steven thought it was just a fun truck to play in until it came down to going to bed.  But he actually slept through the night.  Yeah...I cried.  Don't judge. :)  And then the next weekend, the crib came down.  *sigh*  How does it happens so fast?  Every time he wakes up in the morning or from a nap, he looks as if he has aged.  He gets bigger and bigger, stronger and smarter.  My tiny baby I brought home from the hospital is now in a toddler bed?!?!  It doesn't seem possible, but I am so grateful for him.  He loves his bed.  It cracks me up some of the positons I find him in.  (I would take pictures, but he is such a light sleeper I know it would wake him up.)

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