Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Crazy Life

After having Steven, I went back to work full time for nearly 6 months.  I couldn't handle it.  Emotionally, I was a wreck!  I cried all of the time.  I was breastfeeding so during lunch/dinner breaks I would lock myself in a closet to pump milk for him.  It was really a disaster.  Because of the nature of my job, there were days I would leave before he woke up and I would get home after he was in bed for the night.  I had enough emotional breakdowns and I finally said enough is enough.  I  didn't care at that point if we lost our home or anything else, I had to be home with my son. We have been so blessed  I haven't had to go back to work full time.  I watch two little girls and my nephew during the week and I still work nearly every night teaching massage at the school, but I wouldn't change my time with my son for anything!! 

My 4 cute kids waching robins dance outside the window.  They were entertained for a goodd 15 minutes watching these birds look for berries on our trees outside.

When they knew the camera was out, they started posing

The 2 boys, Steven and Emmett.  I call Steven the quarterback and Emmett the football!

Yup, its a crazy life, but it is my life!

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