Saturday, March 3, 2012


When I was first engaged to my sweet Matt, it was a big deal to his family that I pick out a china and/or stoneware pattern.  His mom grew up a debutante and her family was always entertaining high end dignitaries.  Matt grew up similarly.  I did not.  My mom's china came from the grocery store, buying one piece at a time, getting a discount with each dollar spent.  A china pattern was the furthest thing from my mind.

I remember shopping all over town (and out of town) for a pattern I liked.  I remember thinking they all kinda looked the same after awhile.  After visiting several stores, I had a mental breakdown.  I started crying, thinking it was about the silliest thing ever.  But I knew it was important (and if I didn't get them for my wedding, I probably wouldn't EVER be able to afford them anyway!)  We went into one store and I found a goblet I was absolutely IN LOVE with.  It was a bigger, heavier goblet than what I had been looking at. It had cute little sunflowers all over it.  Then the bowl.  Beautiful yellow with these same cute flowers on it. I still don't even particularly care for the plates, but I LOVE my stoneware!  It makes me happy to pull it out and entertain.  The goblets make me smile every time I use one and think about the crazy mental breakdowns I experienced on their behalf.

Fast forward 7.5 years.  My dishwasher is now full of plastic cups, plates and even flatware in pretty colors.  I am more proud of those plastic dishes than anything because it means I have a little one.  It means someone with jelly hands and a ravioli face calls me "Mama."  Those plastic dishes mean more than all of my beautiful stoneware.  It is all about perspective.   I love every moment of being a mom.  I love everything about it and I am eternally grateful!!

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