Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Firefighter Museum

Our dear friends, The Hills, moved to Colorado in March 2011.  Because of school and work and sickness, it seems like we haven't done a lot together.  We we changed that on Friday, February 17.  We went to the Firefighters museum in downtown Denver.  It was super fun!!

They had a fireman pole to slide down
Lydia kept trying to throw her entire body on the pole, but Rhonda showed her how to use just her arms and feet to wrap around the pole to go down.

Steven went down once and that was enough (hense the look of pure fear on his face!)

Emmy didn't even need any help!

Our favorite part of the entire day was the dress up station!  They had coats, hats, gloves and boots for the kids to put on.  They looked so adorable!  We decided the crazy trip downtown and the "bump" into the yellow pole and the prices and everything else....was all worth it because of these pictures!!  Thank goodness for good friends and good times!

Look at these 3!  They are the cutest firefighters I have ever seen, and believe me, I have seen some good lookin' ones!

I Love these kids!!

After the museum, we went to Gigi's cupcakes, which are about the best cupcakes EVER!!!  Then back to my house for lunch.  We got the kids down for naps and just enjoyed our afternoon together.  I am ever so grateful for good friends who live so close!  (and grateful to Denver for some fun places to visit!)

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