Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Festivies, Part II

Boo at the Zoo
Steven is obsessed with Thomas the Train.  Of course, I turned to my handy dandy frien-emy, Pintrest, and found this super cute train/wagon.  I begged Matt about two months in advance to start working on it, as he is more techinically minded than I am.  I begged him weeks before to start it.  I begged him days before to start it.  And sure enough, midnight before Boo at the Zoo we were out in the garage finishing it and painting it.  Sigh.  What can ya do?  We had Steven the Train Engineer and Emmett the cowboy.  Let me tell ya, as much of a pain as it was, the wagon train was the hit of the zoo.  We got sooo many comments and oohs and ahhs about it.  I know Matt felt proud of his work.  He did do a fabulous job!!!  

 Steven wanted to pull the train more than he wanted to ride in it.  And with the train on, there was only room for one boy to ride. 

 Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to the zoo without a ride on the train.  And he is the train engineer after all!

It is always a crazy day at Boo at the Zoo.  You don't really go to look at animals because there are too many people.  And you don't really go for the candy because I don't want to stand in long lines for candy.  I ask myself why we have gone two years in  a row and I just can't help but not be there.  THere i something about the excitedment mixed with animals and candy and kids and parents.  I crave something about it.  We try to get there early and leave early. 

Unfortufnately, our ward truck or treat was the same day.  Emmett fell asleep in the wagon on the way out of the zoo.  STeven and I hung around a bit while Matt fought the crowds downstairs with the great big train.  Then we headed tot he church to eat our picnic lunch and have trunk or treat. 

 Steven's best friends, Emmy and Lydia. 
 Baby Spencer

Man, I love this little boy!  He makes my heart so happy!  He helps me know and understand the important things in life! 

I don't have any pictures of actually trick or treating because I had to go to work that night.  Sad day!  Steven had such a great time though.  He was so excited about saying "Trick or Treat."  We live in an amazing neighborhood so we felt safe going to a few houses.  I was able to go to a couple with him and he was all into it.  Matt said he had a blast ringing the doorbell and saying  "Trick or Treat."  He would have went all night if he could. 

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