Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ring Bearer

My friend and former co-worker, Amanda, married Anthony.  They are wonderful, wonderful people.  Amanda asked Steven if he would be the ring bearer in their big Catholic wedding.  The planning had been happening for quite sometime.  We finally found his cute little suit about 2 weeks beore the wedding.  He has been growing and growing so we didn't want to be too hasty about buying it.  (let me tell ya, it didn't come cheap either).  But seriously, he is sooo cute!!

We went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the night before,  He, as usual, was very clingy to me.  After a big, he warmed up.  There was a gold line down the middle of the chapen that led to a big sculputre of Jesus on the cross at the front of the chapel..  After some stubbornness, I asked him to walkt the gold line to Jesus.  It worked!!! He did it!!

 Oh. My. Handsomeness!!  He is all stylin!  He behaved so well before the ceremony, despite being super tired from the late night rehearsal dinner before.  When the ceremony started, I was at the front of the chapel while Matt was back with him.  He did a pretty good job.  He absolutely refused to hold the pillow correctly, but all in all, he did a fabulous job. 
 Yeah, he and I spent most of the ceremony out in the foyer, but it was a 2 hour ceremony.  Not gonna lie, I was pretty bored too. 

 I love this picture of our family!  And to think, it was a self portrait! 

 They had a little art table set up for the kids to play on during dancing and festivities.  This is Steven with Amanda and Anthony's daughter and flower girl, Kennedy. 
What a ham!! 

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